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Wondering About the Skies Above Us

As Wondernauts, we ask questions. Lots of questions. But we aren’t satisfied with just asking. We also want to search for answers and take action. Wondering about space is not just for the professionals.


In this topic, you can join other like-minded Wondernauts and participate in learning more about the skies above us. You can work together on collaborative community projects, share your findings, and find new things to wonder about.


Design and build a probe for exploring other planets.

Build a Space Probe


Observe the night sky.

Moon Phases


Become a citizen scientist and help researchers find galaxies!

Searching for Galaxies

big dipper-1.jpg

Help scientists study light pollution around the world. 

Seeing Stars: Looking

for Light Pollution


Find the photo Hubble took on your birthday.

Happy Birthday from Hubble


Make a suncatcher to brighten your room.

Catching the Sun


Explore nebulae and make your own at home.

Naming Nebulae


Search for comets and make your own. 

Creating a Comet


Become a Meteorite Hunter!

Meteorite Hunting

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