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Wondering About The Future

As Wondernauts, we are curious. We often wonder about what life on another planet, or universe, might be like. We wonder what new technology might exist. How different types of technology might impact our lives. Science fiction stories imagine different futures. In this topic, you can explore science fiction, use your imagination, and share your creativity.

Science Fiction, also called sci-fi, is a special type of story. These stories use a lot of imagination. They include ideas about science or technology. These stories often take place in the future.  These stories can be in books, comics, songs, movies, and more.


Explore science fiction book covers and then design your own.

Design a Sci-Fi

Book Cover 


Explore other worlds and create one of your own!

Create a New Planet


Explore science fiction movie posters and then design your own.

Design a Sci-Fi 

Movie Poster


Learn about fictional heroes and their journeys.

What Makes a Hero?


You've landed on Earth, what did you find?

Imagine Earth Artifacts


Watch a sci-fi movie or read a book and share your thoughts.

Write a Review


Explore Pluto and become a Solar System Travel Agent. 

Vacation Destination:


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