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Catching the Sun

Recommended for: Ages 8 and up

Badges: Maryland Skies, Artist in Space 

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We look at the sun rising every day. It’s bright, it’s big, and it warms us up. Our sun gives us light, heat, and energy. A sunny day makes us happy. Our sun happens to be the brightest object in our sky and we are really curious to know more about it. In this activity, you will wonder about the sun and make a suncatcher to brighten up your window.


What You Need


  • White paper

  • Tissue paper

  • Clear contact paper or self-adhesive laminating sheets

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Black construction paper


Without the sun life on Earth would not exist. It would be so cold that no living thing would be able to survive and our planet would be completely frozen. Watch a video by National Geographic about the sun.



Read some interesting facts about the sun.  These questions were answered by astronomer Dr. Cathy Imhoff of the Space Telescope Science Institute.



Listen to the song Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.



How do you feel when it is sunny outside?

How do you feel when there is no sun outside?

What words would you use to describe the sun?

Why is the sun important for the earth?

What would the earth be like if there wasn’t the sun?


  1. A suncatcher is a small ornament that is hung by your window to “catch the light” from the sun. The sun shines through the colors in the ornament and scatters them across the room. Create a suncatacher for your window to brighten your room by following the below steps.

  2. Draw a circle, or shape of your choice, on a piece of white paper and cut it out. For thicker lines, trace the template onto black construction paper and then cut them out.

  3. You will need two outlines for each suncatcher. Place one of the outlines on the sticky side of the contact paper.

  4. Cut the tissue paper into small shapes (squares, triangles, circles, etc.).

  5. Layer the tissue paper shapes onto the contact paper. Don’t worry if you go outside the lines, you will trim it off later.

  6. Using a glue stick, glue the second outline on top of the tissue paper.

  7. Place another piece of clear contact paper on top and press down to smooth out any bubbles. Trim the excess contact paper or laminating paper with scissors.

  8. Stick your suncatchers onto a window with double-sided tape and enjoy the beautiful colors as the sun shines through the tissue paper. 


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