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Wondering About The Past

We come from a long line of Wondernauts. People who looked to the sky and imagined what was out there. People who studied the stars and invented technology that brought us closer to the cosmos.


In this topic, you can learn about the Wondernauts that came before you and be inspired to continue your own journey.

big dipper-1.jpg

Make your own constellation and create a story for it.

Creating Constellations


Learn about cultural differences through food.

Cultural Differences

Make Great Teams


Become a citizen scientist and identify constellations!

Mapping Historic Skies


Explore the stories behind constellations. 

Constellation Across Cultures 


Name the moons of Jupiter. 

The Moons of Jupiter


Discover somewhere new and make an explorer's journal.

Why Do We Explore?


Learn about Jewish contributions to space and make a timeline. 

Making Milestones


Star Notes

Help transcribe the groundbreaking work of early women astronomers.

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