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Wondering About the Present

It is an exciting time to be a Wondernaut! The space community is constantly learning new things, testing new technology, trying new experiments, and looking to go further than ever explored before.


In this topic, learn about today’s Wondernauts, the latest technology, and all the questions we are still wondering about.


Design and make your own space helmet.

Make a Space Helmet


Create an artwork inspired by your choices.

What Would You

Bring to Space?


 Learn about how astronauts celebrate holidays on the international space station.

Celebrating in Space


Create your own invention to solve a problem.

Inventions Inspired

by Space


Conduct your own investigation of "asteroids" from around your home. 

Investigate Asteroids


Every mission starts with a patch. Design your own in this activity, 

Design A Mission Patch


Find creative ways to be active at home.

Active Astronauts


Design a space menu. 

What Will You

Eat in Space?

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