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Why Do We Explore? 

Recommended For: Ages 7 and Up

Badges: Space & the Past, Writers in Space 

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Humans have always had the need to explore. Prehistoric people may have stood at the mouth of a cave and gathered their courage to explore the inside. Perhaps they wondered what was over the next hill or on the other side of a mountain. People might have looked up to the skies and wondered about exploring places beyond what their eyes could see. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, to explore is to "conduct a systematic search or to travel over new territory for adventure or discovery."


In this activity you are going to have the opportunity to explore something or somewhere you have always wanted to know about. Then you will create your own travel journal.


Credit: NASA

You Will Need

  • Good internet connect

  • A printer and/or notebook and pencil


Why do we explore?

How did we explore in the past?

How do we explore now?

How might we explore in the future?

How do you become an explorer?



There are many reasons we might have to be explorers.  Watch this video from NASA on why we explore: Clubhouse: Why Do We Explore? This video is great for younger wondernauts. For more mature wondernauts, check out NASA’s website. 



Explorers travel into the unknown and make records of their experiences. Check out this website to learn about explorers throughout history.



Now it is time for you to become an explorer.  Take some time to THINK.  What have you always been curious about? What do you want to know?  Where or what would explore if you could?


Once you have made the decision on what you want to explore, research it on the internet.  You can take notes, draw sketches, or print pictures to keep in your own explorers journal.


You can find instructions for creating your own explorers journal here: Free Printable Kids Explorer Journal ♥ Fleece Fun



Want to complete this task towards collecting a Wondernaut badge? Share with the Wondernaut community by sharing your journal entry, photo or drawing of your discovery.

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