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Making Milestones

Recommended For: Ages 9 and Up

Badges: Space & the Past, Writers in Space, Global Cultures  

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In this activity, you will learn about Jewish contributions to space and make a timeline about your own life.


You Will Need

  • Paper and pencil 


What does it mean to contribute to something?

How do you record different events or milestones in your life? Do you take photographs? Do you have a journal?

What is a timeline? Why do we use timelines?



A timeline is a numbered line that shows when different things happened. A timeline is a way of recording when different events happened. Timelines can help you see the order of different events. You can see what happened first and what happened last. A timeline might show all the things that happened during your day. It might show events that took place over different years or months. Timelines can include words, photos, and numbers.

Here is a sample of a short timeline:

JiS Timeline .jpg


Now it’s your turn. Create a personal timeline with events from your life. Think about some “firsts” that you have achieved.



When were you born?

What is your earliest memory? How far back can you remember?

What are some accomplishments that you are proud of?

When did you learn to walk? When did you learn to ride a bike?

When did you lose your first tooth?

When did you start a new school?

When did you graduate (kindergarten? first grade?)

When was your first time sleeping over at a friend’s house?

When did you start playing your favorite sport? When did you score your first goal or make your first basket?

When was your first time going to camp?

When was the first time you went to the movies?


Put your “firsts” and accomplishments in order of when they happened.


Draw a line from the top of your paper to the bottom. On the top of the line, but the earliest date in your timeline. Then add later dates as you move down the line. Add your firsts to the line.


What might you accomplish in the future?


Want to complete this task towards collecting a Wondernaut badge? Think about the things you want to accomplish in the future. What other “firsts” do you want to achieve? Maybe one day you will be an astronaut that goes into space! Share your dreams with us!

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