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Design a Mission Patch

Recommended for ages 8 and up

Badges: Space & the Present, Artist in Space, Ready for Space

Download this Activity as a PDF - no electricity required. 

For every new mission to space, the first task assigned to the team of astronauts is to design their team’s mission patch. These badges are worn by every team member.


In this activity, you will investigate real mission patch and design your own.


You Will Need

White Paper

Pencils, markers, crayons 



Why do you think astronauts have to design their own badge for each mission?

Why do you think this is their first task as a team?

What do you think they include on their badges?



A mission patch typically has three elements: 

1. Crewmember's names 

2. Mission number

3. An image that represents the mission 

See how NASA astronauts design their mission patches here.


ISS Expedition 62 patch worn by Jessica Meir

The two space explorers represent the friendship between space agencies around the world. The left represents our responsibility as stewards of Earth’s environment. 


STS-35 Mission patch worn by Jeffery Hoffman

The patch represents the Space Shuttle flying above Earth’s atmosphere to study outer space. These celestial objects are represented by the constellation Orion.


STS-62 Mission patch worn by Marsha Ivins

The imagery on the patch represents the Columbia, the first reusable spacecraft. The unique shape of the patch, represents America’s strive for excellence in its pursuit to explore new frontiers of space.



Now it's time to design your own space patch. You could design a patch for your family, your class, your club, or just for yourself.




What team or group are you going to represent with your patch? Will it be your family? Your friend group? Your class? Your synagogue? Maybe a sports team or club? It could also just be for you.

What are the interests your group?

Does your group had a logo or a motto?

What mission will your patch represent? What is your goal?

What images can you use to represent your mission and team?

What colors will you use to decorate your patch?

What shape will your patch be? A circle, diamond, or unique shape?




Want to complete this task towards collecting a Wondernaut badge? Share a photo of your patch and tell us about it!

Ready to share? Head here!

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