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Write a Review

Recommended For: All ages

Badges: Space & the Future, Artist in Space

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Have you ever told a family member or friend to read a book because you liked it? Did you ever tell someone to avoid watching a movie because you didn’t enjoy it? Do you have strong opinions? A review is a chance to express your ideas and opinions. A review not only shares your opinion of a book or movie, but it supports that decision with evidence. In this activity, you can write a review of a book or movie.


What You Need

  • Access to your local library, digital library, or movie streaming platform

  • Pencil and paper


Read or Watch


Select a science fiction or space-themed book to read or movie to watch. It’s helpful to make some notes while you are reading or watching. Write down specific scenes or quotes.



  • Who is telling the story? Is it in first person? Third person?

  • When and where does the book/movie take place?

  • Does the author do a good job making your feel like it is real, and that you are there?

  • Do you like the writing style? Do you like the way the movie is filmed?

  • Did the story keep you guessing?

  • What was your favorite part? Why?

  • What was your least favorite part? Why?

  • Did the book make you laugh? Cry? Scared?

  • Who would you recommend this book to? Your friends? Younger readers? Older readers? Fans of other books/movies that are similar?

  • What do you think makes a great book cover?

  • Take a look at your books at home. What do you like about them? What don’t you like? 


Tip: You can do some background research on the author or director to learn more.


A review should have 4 parts: 

  1. The book’s title and author OR the movie’s title and director

  2. A short summary of the plot (but don’t give away any spoilers!)

  3. A comment on the book’s/movie’s strengths or weaknesses

  4. Your personal opinion/reflection about the book/movie


Need some help getting started?​

Check out this resource from ReadWriteThink:


Read some example reviews. Here are some reviews written by students:


Want to complete this task towards collecting a Wondernaut badge? Share with the Wondernaut community by doing one of the following: 

  1. Share your review with the Wondernaut community.

  2. Record your review on video and share it.

Ready to share? Head here!

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