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Design Your Astronaut Helmet

Recommend For: All ages

Badges: Ready for Space, Space & the Present

Download this activity as a PDF - no electricity needed:

Option 1 (Cut Out)

Option 2 (Paper Mache)

Whenever an astronaut leaves their spacecraft, they need to wear a spacesuit. In space, there is no air to breathe. Space is extremely cold and filled with damaging radiation. Spacesuits protect astronauts from this dangerous environment. Wearing a spacesuit, helps astronauts lives and work in space.


One part of a spacesuit is the helmet. In this activity, you will design and make your own space helmet.

You Will Need

Option 1: Astronaut Helmet Cut-Out

                Cardboard or poster board


                Popsicle stick

                Craft Supplies (markers, crayons, paint, glitter, stickers, tissue paper, colorful tape, etc.)

                Glue or Tape


Option 2: 3D Astronaut Helmet





                Craft Supplies (markers, crayons, paint, glitter, stickers, tissue paper, colorful tape, etc.)


Explore different parts of a spacesuit using this clickable app:




What clothes do you wear to school? Do you have a uniform? What about for sports or clubs? Why do you wear certain clothing items for different activities?

What do you wonder about spacesuits?

                What do you think it feels like to wear a spacesuit?

                How long do you think it takes to put a spacesuit on?

                Do you think it is hard to move around in a spacesuit?

What questions would you ask an astronaut about wearing a spacesuit?




Create a helmet for your own spacesuit! Here are two different options:

Option 1: Astronaut Helmet Cut-Out

Draw the outline of an astronaut helmet on the cardboard or poster board. Need some help? Why not use this template from the All Kids Network here.

Looking for something with a little more detail? Try this template here.

Cut out your template. Remember to cut out the middle. Make sure to ask an adult if you need help.

Decorate! Decorate your helmet using craft supplies from around your house. You might use markers, paint, stickers, glitter, or even tissue paper.

Cut another strip of cardboard that is 2-3 inches wide and 12 inches long. If you don’t have any cardboard, you can use a ruler or a Popsicle stick. Attach the piece of cardboard to the bottom right side of your decorated helmet using tape or glue.  

Now you are ready to see what you look like in your astronaut helmet!

Here is another great method by CBeebies:  

Option 2: 3D Astronaut Helmet (Paper Mache)

Blow up a balloon to be a little bit bigger than the size of your head. 

Tear newspaper into strips.

Apply a layer of glue thinned with water onto the balloon. Then add a layer of newspaper. Repeat this process for at least five layers or until you are happy with the thickness.

Allow your helmet to dry. You will probably want to leave this overnight.    


Once dry, pop the balloon and remove it.

Cut out a hole that is big enough to fit your neck through. This is hole for your neck.

Draw a square to create the window for your face. Cut out the square. You might want to ask an adult to help you to cut this out.

Add another layer of paper mache around the cut edges. You can also use sand paper to make the edges less sharp.

Now it’s time to decorate! Use paint, markers, stickers, tape or whatever you can find around the house to decorate your space helmet.  


Want to complete this task towards collecting a Wondernaut badge? Share a photo of you with your space helmet!

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